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The Contest:

Each competitor will start with exactly 20 chicken wings
The contest will last exactly five (5) minutes.
Once the contest starts, the competitors will consume their allotted wings and place the eaten chicken wing bone back into the wing receptacle (bucket).
If a competitor finishes their allotted (20) wings before the contest is complete, they will be given an additional 20 wings to consume.
Once the contest is complete, each competitor’s wing receptacle (bucket) will be taken to ensure (all) the meat was eaten off the bone.
The winner will be determined by the total number of chicken wings eaten, measured by the cheferee.
In the event of a tie between competitors, there will be a 60 second “run off” to determine the winner.

Cheferee's decision is non debatable, cheferee is always right!

Costs: €10,-

Major League eater